Official fee

Iranian government Patent official fees (in USD)

2020 – 2021



Items Legal person Real person
1- The cost of filing a declaration and  divided declaration 3.00
2- Annual Registration cost 1st to 5th years, Annually  24.00

6th to 10th years, Annually 48.00

11th  to 15th  years, Annually 72.00

16th to 20th  years, Annually 95.00

3- The delay penalty in paying annual costs is equivalent to half the annual installments in the related five-years period
4-The cost of inquiry for transfer, license or avoidance 12.00
5- The cost to file contractual transfer and conveyance 72.00
6- The cost to file the license or terminate and dismiss it is equivalent to half of contractual transfer and conveyance cost
7- The cost of each time amendment of declaration and its attachments is equivalent to the cost to file of declaration
8- The cost to file of transferring the declaration or   its license 12.00
9- The cost to file changes(except ownership transfer and license) 12.00
10- The cost of issuing a replica certificate 24.00
11- Facsimile cost 2.00
12- Cost of obtaining a confirmation of the declaration or issuing an invention certificate 4.00
13- The cost of proceeding a protest against rejection of  registration(Commission) 18.00
14- The cost of proceeding  a protest against the registration request 72.00
15- The deposit of annulment request to the court 107.00
16-The cost of examining the international declaration as the office of origin 12.00


Notice : In the Iranian IP Office, the defined costs for non-Iranian applicants are equivalent to the fees payable by Iranian legal applicants.


Comment : The above table is the exact translation of the table listed on the website of Iran’s intellectual property office.


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