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Fischer & Schickendantz provides businesses and entrepreneurs the world over with the experienced counsel necessary for working and investing in Uruguay, serving all clients with a dedicated team of legal, accounting, and tax specialists.

The firm is a one-stop shop for advice and representation and serves local and international clients. Its work and cooperation with firms throughout Europe and the Americas brings each client the global perspective and complementary expertise necessary for operating in the country's profitable markets.

Fischer & Schickendantz's team consists of several lawyers and committed associates with overlapping specialties in, among others, foreign investment, Uruguayan law, and banking, comprising a network of expertise that has admirably served the international business community for years. The firm's office in Montevideo has been host to all manner of household names in manufacturing, clothing, automobiles, and many others, clients that, on account of its commitment to rapid and professional service, have remained with the firm long after their initial business was completed. Fischer & Schickendantz has long sought the advisers and support staff necessary for providing businesses with every conceivable need, offering counsel from trusted MBAs, accounting services, and notaries public to each client.
Investing in foreign lands requires the help of dedicated advocates if business owners are to reap the innumerable benefits buried in the country's economy. Fischer & Schickendantz has proudly given the international business community the dedicated counsel and skill of a proven team of legal specialists, providing to clients across the globe the power and resources designed to protect and secure their growth in Uruguay.

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