Industrial Design

  • Industrial Design

Any composition of lines or colors or any three dimensional form, whether or not associated with lines or colors, is deemed to be an industrial design, provided that such composition or form gives a special appearance to a product of industry or handicraft.
In order to file an Industrial design application in Iran, the following information and documents are required:

Required information:

– Applicant’s Full name and address
– Designer’s full name and address
– Title and full description and drawings of the design
– Goods and related international classification

Required documents:

– Legalized Power of Attorney in the Iranian Consulate
– Certified copy of priority documents legalized in the Iranian Consulate (if claiming priority)
– Certified Copy of Company Registration Certificate (if the applicant is a legal entity)
– Certified and legalized copy of the deed of assignment

(NOTE: A deed of assignment is only required if the designer`s name on priority document differs from that of the applicant. Therefore, if the designer’s name is not mentioned in the priority document or the priority document is in the name of the applicant, no assignment is required.)
We can file the patent application with the required information and we will have 60 days after receiving the administrative notice for submitting the missing documents. This period can be extended for another 60 days.


The validity of the registration of an industrial design is five years from the filing date. The owner can request to renew the Industrial design every five years with payment of the renewal fees. This request shall be submitted six months before the expiration of five years. In case of not submitting the renewal request within the due date, there would be a grace of six months from the expiration date with an added 50% to the payment as penalty. The validity of the industrial design can be renewed for only two more five years (totally 15 years) with payment of the renewal fees each five years.

Required documents for filing the renewal of the Industrial Design:

– Legalized Power of Attorney in the Iranian consulate
– A copy of the Iranian ID registration/renewal certificate
Assignment, merger, license agreement, change of name and address:
According to the Law, any changes and modifications, including change of name, address, assignment, merger and license agreement should be recorded, endorsed on the registration certificate and published in the official gazette for public notice.

Required Documents:

– Legalized Power of Attorney in Iranian consulate.
– Legalized deed of assignment/change of name document/change of address document/license agreement in Iranian Consulate
– Valid Iranian registration/renewal certificate for endorsement

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