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Law firm Prus Pipuš is located in center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU. The firm provides professional legal assistance and representation in a variety of practice areas including corporate and commercial law and litigation – transactions, enforcement and debt collection, due diligence, contracts and agreements Insolvency procedures; criminal defense in Slovenia; inheritance, legacies, wills, transit contracts, life sustenance; labor relations and disputes; family law in Slovenia; and in international disputes.
The goal of the law firm’s team is to give quality in effective legal aid for all people. The firm offers legal aid and representation in front of the courts, state and EU institutes, and can access a wide specter of foreign legal judiciary. A good knowledge of foreign languages helps the firm find solutions for legal problems with an international element.
Law firm Prus Pipuš is committed to its core values and the mission of attorneyship as a profession. With a personal approach, the lawyers look for the best and most optimal solutions for clients, while the protection of confidentiality is of utmost importance.

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