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Advocates IP Law Alliance is a leading intellectual property law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, providing brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses worldwide the expertise and skill required to protect and care for the names, trademarks, and patents that comprise their livelihood.

The firm maintains several offices throughout Asia, a full staff of skilled employees, and memberships in intellectual property associations around the world, habits that enable the firm to provide the widest possible net of protection for Bangladesh's diverse business clientele.

Advocates IP Law Alliance has devoted itself exclusively to the protection and maintenance of the intellectual property, quickly winning the loyalty and gratitude of clients across the globe, from single entrepreneurs to business and brands recognized all over the world. The firm's five proven and tested lawyers are kept well-ahead of any necessary qualifications and enrollments with regulating local and international authorities, and each has a wide-ranging series of specialties that provide protection and security for the copyrights and designs that comprise each client's business and means. The firm's office in Dhaka is conveniently located near the Bangladesh Department of Patent, Design, and Trademarks, a short journey those in the firm make daily on behalf of the clients they serve with aggression and commitment.

Few things are more important to a business than its intellectual property, the means by which it grows and develops a customer base and through which it communicates to any and all markets throughout the world. Advocates IP Alliance has proudly given its many years of success to the service of corporations, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the globe, providing all with the protection and security required to grow and thrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh and throughout southern Asia. The firm was selected as the "2014 and 2015 IP Law Firm of the Year in Bangladesh" by Corporate Intl Magazine".

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