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Benzakour Law Firm (“BLF”) is a primarily business law firm located in Casablanca, Morocco. It offers a large and full portfolio in business law with a particular focus on assistance to foreign investment and litigation. The main areas of practice include corporate and commercial law, shipping, admiralty/maritime and aviation, real estate, international law, labor, tax law, environment and energy, competition law, administrative and public law, and insurance.
Rachid Benzakour is the head Partner and manager of the firm and has in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of international clients' needs. He was ranked first in the National Bar Exam (year 2000) and is a multilingual practitioner , with a mixture of Anglosaxon and French cultures.
Abdelaziz Benzakour is a statesman and an esteemed figure in the country. He was appointed by the King as head of Morocco's Mediator Institute in 2011.He is also a former Chief of the Casablanca Bar, the Moroccan Association Bars and the African Union Bars.
Benzakour Law Firm provides both litigation and arbitration dispute resolution, supporting clients in their projects and representing their interests.

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