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Henry, Samuelson & Co., H S & Co., is an international primarily commercial and corporate law firm located in Douala, Cameroon. Yet, the attorneys are engaged in general practice to serve the diverse needs of local and international clientele. Practice areas include business law, intellectual property, insurance, banking and finance, business criminal law, international trade, incorporation, aviation and aerospace, accounting and collection, bankruptcy and liquidation, as well as general practice areas of legal opinions and audits, agreements and contracts, human rights, and more.

The lawyers have years of legal experience along with relevant academic achievements. They engage in litigation proceedings before the courts of common law (courts with ordinary jurisdiction and courts with special jurisdiction) and the specialized courts of Cameroon.

The legal team is bilingual in English (the vehicle of the English Common Law) and French (the vehicle of the French Civil Law). Since these are also the national languages, they are able to communicate complex concepts to clients, the other party, and the courts, in simple language. With a personalized approach, the lawyers develop custom solutions designed to protect clients’ rights and interests.

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