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Tanfous Law Firm is a full-service law office in Casablanca, employing a number of skilled lawyers and talented advisers in several disciplines. Our clients include several multinational companies, agencies, and entrepreneurs local and international. We offer to each our considerable knowledge, expertise, and the highest standards of professional ethical conduct.

Our firms offer both legal and financial council in English, French, and Arabic. We believe that investor success is not a product of chance, but of a careful strategy that takes economic, legal, and social issues into account. As such, we make a habit of keeping in close communication with clients investing in Morocco to stay up to date with current trends and to avoid dangers. Our office and staff pride themselves on prompt responses to client queries, and our lawyers regularly travel to surrounding cities to defend client interests.

International business and investing requires the highest level of legal expertise. The practiced lawyers at Tanfous Law Firm have devoted their practice to giving investors in Morocco the needed legal tools to protect and grow their investment.

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