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Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates & Legal Consultants is a full-service law firm, providing integrated professional legal service to its local and international clients. Unparalleled legal representation is offered across various practice areas. The set of legal services include Enterprises Level Services especially tailored for large organizations having operations spanning multiple cities. SME Services for small and medium entrepreneurs, and personalized solutions for individual and start up business.


The Law firm provide the following Legal Services:

  • Debt Recovery / Outstanding Recovery
  • Corporate Annual Legal Services
  • Drafting contracts including MOU, Tenancy Contracts, Sale, Purchase & Lease Agreement, NDA, Labor Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete, Partners agreement, WILL, etc.
  • Civil/Commercial cases filing and defense
  • Criminal cases, drugs cases
  • Bounced cheque criminal cases
  • Deportation ban lifting
  • Real Estate cases
  • Rental disputes
  • Construction cases
  • Maritime Law (precautional attachment of vessels, Civil/Commercial cases)
  • Arbitration in DIAC, DIFC, Abu Dhabi Global Market
  • Labor cases
  • Insurance cases
  • Tax cases
  • Arbitration under ICC (International Cricket Council) – Anticorruption Tribunal
  • Car/Motor Accidents claims/ Health damages recovery
  • Support with arrested containers and goods at the Custom
  • Aviation cases
  • Information Technology and E-commerce cases
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Bank disputes and settlement, bank guarantee cheques issues
  • Checking of Cases and ban statuses in Police and UAE Courts
  • Deportation cases resolution
  • Family Law, Divorce cases (divorce settlement, financial and material compensation, children custody, inheritance issues, etc.)
  • Legal Notices and response to Legal Notices
  • Representing the Client in matters of negotiation and settlement
  • Legal correspondence, Preparing replies to correspondence, warning, or claims
  • Investment management and Investors support
  • Investigation of Debtor's assets in India
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+971 544452993

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