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Pérez, Bustamante & Ponce resulted from the merger of two law firms of great experience and importance in Ecuador: Pérez Bustamante y Pérez and Fabián Ponce O. & Asociados.

Pérez Bustamante y Pérez began rendering its professional services under Dr. José M. Pérez-Echanique in 1917. In 1944, the firm was established with the name of Pérez E., Pérez-Serrano y Ponce; after some years it changed its name to Pérez E., Pérez-Serrano y Bustamante, and in 1971 it became Pérez, Bustamante y Pérez Abogados.

Fabián Ponce O. & Asociados was established in 1959 by Dr. Fabián Ponce Ordóñez for the purpose of providing integral legal services to Ecuadorian and foreign corporations.

In 2000, the members of both firms decided to merge through the creation of Pérez Bustamante & Ponce with the objective of complementing their prestige and strengths and, thus, of providing better services to their clients.

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