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Dr. Florian Proell and Ms Surin Ersoez, JD, in Berlin, Germany, provide legal consulting services to companies in the areas of international arbitration law, commercial and private litigation, real estate and corporate law. All team members use an implementation-oriented consulting approach that is characterized by a combination of expert advice, the right research and supplementary legal strategies that fit the situation. The lawyers help companies establish the right strategies to protect growth and act as trustee for acquisitions.

The attorneys understand that dealing with foreign countries and foreign laws can be crucial for multinational businesses. They help clients understand these laws and find the right solutions. They provide a gateway to Europe in markets and legal issues, guiding Clients through all instances of Civil and Administrative Law.

The lawyers offer a compelling personal alternative to "nobody is responsible"-mentality. They provide advice in a cordial, respectful and intensely professional environment. They can provide broad-ranging and comprehensive legal advice for corporations, fighting other firms at the transaction table. Because of the breadth and depth of experience found, clients can be represented efficiently and successfully in a broad variety of corporate and private transactions.

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