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M A S Law is a full-service law firm. Practice areas include family law - annulment, legal separation, adoption, custody, name change, recognition of foreign decree of divorce, and correction of entries/clerical error; civil law – partition, damages, ejectment, collection of sum money, and estate settlement; criminal law - theft, estafa, acts of lasciviousness, violence against women and children, bouncing checks, libel and slander, bigamy and adultery, and physical injuries; immigration law –visas, deportation, and change of status; labor law – unfair labor practice, illegal dismissal, termination disputes, and money claims; corporate and business law – intellectual property, incorporation and registration, and agreements.

Headed by Founder Atty. Marcus A. Sinson, the firm serves individuals, families, businesses, and corporations. The legal team is dedicated to providing services in an efficient and convenient manner with transparency as a guiding principle.

M A S Law endeavors to ensure clients’ concerns are well protected by providing legal services equipped with the latest laws, rules, regulations, and jurisprudence (case laws).

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