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Daniela Jezova provides comprehensive legal services in the Slovak Republic, with a full appreciation of the law of the European Union.

We specialize in family law, marketing law, alcohol law, IT law, commercial law, real estate transactions, corporate law, law of contract, competition law, and employment law. We are experts in litigations and arbitrations.

Our law firm has direct partner offices in 7 countries, including the United States and its member of ADAM Consulting Group through which we cooperate with other more than 100 offices over the world.

Our law firm is a member of International Alcohol Lawyer Alliance (IALA), which is connecting law firm dealing with alcohol law over the world. Cooperation with the local TV Markiza, national television, local newspapers SME and magazine TREND, publications in scientific journals and the study of our members on foreign universities will help you top shape the image of our law office.

"You do not have to foresee the future, but to enable it." Our law firm is enabling the future of our clients, we care of our clients in professional and personal way. Our law firm combines the theoretical knowledge (Daniela is also a lecturer at Comenius University and publishes expert legal articles and monographs) with practical experience.

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