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GreenLaw - Galtung Dysvik serves businesses working and investing in Norway with the quality counsel, effective representation, and technological acumen necessary to profit and success in the country. The firm's expertise in tax, corporate, and HR law is designed to ease the worry and risk associated with setting up a new business in a foreign country.

Setting up a business in Norway doesn't have to be fraught with hidden dangers, and the right advisers can bring security and success. GreenLaw - Galtung Dysvik has devoted over two decades to overseeing the establishment, protection, and growth of corporations within the country, habits that have earned the firm a respected name within Norway and with corporations worldwide.

The law firm will:

- Do all the formalities in establishing a new company

- Provide the company with a postal address and a business address

- Help the company meet the requirements of Norwegian/EU members on the Board

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