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Lexial Law Firm was created in a spirit of innovation and with the desire to implement a distinctly modern approach to the practice of law. Lexial’s innovative geographical footprint allows the firm to serve clients from offices in Brussels, Paris and Geneva dealing with European and international legal issues.

The firm focuses on a limited number of areas of expertise and has a unique approach resulting in a narrow focus on international and European business immigration law and criminal law.

As to business immigration, Lexial possesses proven expertise in the area of international mobility, expats issues and professional / tax immigration, and can advise clients on specific matters including work permit, professional card, citizenship and residence permit in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

In criminal law, our expertise was proven particularly in important cases related to extradition and European Arrest Warrants (EAW).

As some of these cases are related to politics, we are familiar with European Court of Human Rights, including in social law and with the Court of Justice of the EU.

Additionally, we assist our clients in all their day-to-day tasks in business and employment law.

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