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S. Verenin's Legal Bureau was founded in June 2004 on the basis of the Legal Department of the Trust Company Secure Invest, established in 1994. Under direct supervision of the Legal Department specialists of the Trust Company Secure Invest more than 100 state enterprises of the Ferghana valley of Uzbekistan, including Associations Dori-Darmon, Pakhtasanoat, Parandachilik, and others, have been privatized and reorganized into the companies with various kinds of property.

S. Verenin's Legal Bureau team is the successor of the traditions being cherished by the company Secure Invest since 1994. Many employees of the legal bureau have experience in the security market, being the specialists attested by the Center for the Security Market Coordination and Control under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The lawyers have been engaging in continuous activity for the search, development and upgrading of mechanisms and schemes of the legal defense of the investors interests including foreign ones based on the valid regulatory acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international laws. To provide optimal defense of the investors capital in order to find the most profitable and legally guaranteed forms of investment and activity is the target of S. Verenin's Legal Bureaus activity.

S. Verenin's Legal Bureau is majoring in assistance and advises in the field of economic law. S. Verenin's Legal Bureau includes the Economic and Legal Department, the Criminal Department and the Business Consulting Department. For our clients' convenience the following Departments have been lately set up in the Bureau structure: Farm Legal Department, Corporate Law and Management Department, Legal Audit Department, Due Diligence as well as a Department for the legal instruments translation. For the period of its activity for the constant service 15 large enterprises from different sectors of economics (light industry, transport, commerce) have been taken. During the process of its activity realization the bureau has been defending clients' interests in disputes with tax inspection authorities as regards fines and penalties charged following conducted audits.

In their activity all employees of S.Verenin's Legal Bureau adhere to the high standards of justice, honesty, and ethics in their relations with clients and avoid any practice that could cause damage to the Bureau or its personnel authority. We provide efficient legal services in each case we get down to; skillfully defend interests of the bureau's clients, and devote our prompt and due attention to our clients wishes.

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