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FerradaNehme (FN) is located in Santiago, Chile and provides a range of legal services to corporations, companies, institutions, and individuals. Practice areas include antitrust law, economic regulation, environment and natural resources, public law and government, corporate law, tax law, telecommunications/TMT, consumer law, energy law, compliance, and pro bono services. The firm also offers procedural and substantive litigation for civil, commercial, economic, and other matters as well as alternative dispute methods including negotiation, arbitration, and mediation.

The firm is comprised of a team of knowledgeable Partners and Associates with decades of combined experience who approach their work from a public-private viewpoint, rely upon strong collaboration systems, and adopt a legal-economic approach at the time of addressing issues.

Founded in 2000, the firm’s focus is to provide clients with comprehensive and complex legal services with multidisciplinary methods, skillfully seeking innovative solutions designed to meet clients’ legal needs and achieve their objectives.

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+56 (2) 2652 9000
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