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GUEVARA & GUTIERREZ S.C. SERVICIOS LEGALES, established in 1989, has become one of Bolivia's leading commercial tax and litigation law firms. Operating from two main offices in La Paz and Santa Cruz, and through a network of affiliates, the firm provides high quality and effective legal service in all of Bolivia.

Corporate, Privatization & Mergers
Planning and advice on efficient and effective forms of doing business in Bolivia are the hallmarks of our firm. We have ample experience in the incorporation of companies, joint ventures and other investment vehicles, tailored to meet the needs of each enterprise.

Project Finance, Capital Markets & Banking
Innovation in creating effective security structures which enable risk management in highly regulated sectors is the focus of our financial services department.

International Tax and Financial Planning
The firm has ample experience in providing advice on complicated investment and payment structures so as to maximize the tax advantages of different types of business ventures.

Bolivia is rich in energy resources allowing a strong practice in the regulated energy sectors of electricity, oil and natural gas. The energy group has acquired invaluable experience in representing all sizes of clients in large and small, local and international ventures.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation
Precise and timely management of conflict resolution through domestic litigation, direct negotiation, assisted mediation, domestic and international arbitration have characterized the firm. The litigation group has been consistently successful in representing oil, gas and energy companies, financial institutions and other companies in complicated cases before arbitral tribunals, Bolivian civil and administrative courts of law, the Supreme Court as well as the Constitutional Courts.

Natural Resources
Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C. offers expertise in advising companies regarding the exploitation, management and development of regulated natural resources including land, water, mining and forest products with qualified advice in environmental matters.

Our firm has consistently acted as counsel in a series of telecommunications expansion and development projects in Bolivia acquiring specific expertise in the very competitive and rapidly growing telecommunications market in Bolivia.

Counting with the leadership of one of the primary experts in labor dispute resolution and litigation, the firm focuses on preventive steps to avoid possible labor disputes. Catering to primarily foreign companies, operating in Bolivia, our firm has vast experience in helping foreign nationals navigate through the complicated labor regulations to work and operate in Bolivia.

Intellectual Property
Our firm works with several institutions registering and protecting industrial and intellectual property of domestic and foreign companies, providing high quality and personalized monitoring of each particular trademark registered.

During 2003, our firm entered into a strategic alliance with the Muñiz Forsyth Ramirez Perez-Taiman & Luna-Victoria law firm from Peru and Peña, Larrea, Torres & Paredes law firm from Ecuador.

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