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APC Law Firm is located in Kiev, Ukraine and provides a variety of legal services to individuals and businesses. Practice areas encompass civil law matters related to property, contracts and transactions, probate, intellectual property, inheritance law, human rights, and other representation in government and the court; family law matters such as marriage and divorce, adoption, protection of rights and relationships, and guardianship; criminal defense consultation on law and procedure, representation and protection of interests; business law including licenses and permits, securities, tax legislation, and day-to-day legal support. In addition to litigation, the firm offers alternative dispute resolution methods.

APC’s business clients are companies of France, USA, Germany, Italy, Latvia and other countries, which operate on the territory of Ukraine in the sphere of trade, hospitality and tourism, advertising industry, IT-technology, telecommunications and media, aviation, banking, insurance, energy and natural resources, metallurgy and chemical industries, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and transport.

The lawyers provide a tailored approach to each client’s legal issue and works toward a favorable resolution while pursuing protection of their rights and best interests.

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Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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