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E.R. Team Global Consultants, Ltd. provides businesses and individuals with a variety of legal services and counsel, each geared towards the creation and maintenance of new ventures in Cyprus. The firm's committed team of legal and tax specialists have considerable expertise in immigration law, accounting, and business formation in the country, and strive daily to provide clients with the guidance and care necessary to take advantage of Cyprus' growing economy.

E.R. Team Global Consultants has assisted local and international corporations for 30 years, and has dedicated its practice to providing an efficiency and affordability possible only with lawyers who have detailed knowledge of local laws and jurisdictions. The firm's Larnaca office has hosted all manner of investors and entrepreneurs around the world, serving each with a speed and care that has consistently earned the admiration of its growing clientele. Each lawyer is dedicated primarily to providing the honesty and candid advice that new businesses need to survive, and the firm's success in this regard is evident in its enviable reputation among Cyprus' fast-growing business community, one in which its advice and service is both prized and recommended.

Forming and maintaining a new business in a new country can be daunting, and requires expert and local advice to avoid the potential dangers inherent in international investing. E.R. Team Global Consultants has given over 30 years to the development and growth of new ventures in Cyprus, serving entrepreneurs, investors, and immigrants with the same focus and care that has characterized the firm since its inception.

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