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We, Dimitrov Ivanov & Partners, are a modern and dynamic law firm founded in the beginning of 2010. Although by Bulgarian standards we are a “small” law firm, we are confident in our competitiveness. Our confidence rests upon our team’s years of experience in some of the leading legal practices on the Bulgarian market and our ambition to make a difference. Accordingly, we built our law firm around three fundamental principles:

  • Professionalism, business integrity and ethical conduct
    We do our job the way it is supposed to be done. We are a reliable business partner and we abide by the business and professional ethical standards
  • Individual client approach
    We keep close contact with our clients. We know our clients. We approach our clients’ businesses as our own
  • Professional capacity disclosure
    We are not a “know-all” law firm. We only engage in clients’ matters in which we have appropriate qualification and experience

The law firm's team members are briefly introduced below.

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+359 (0)88 8582 922

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