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Kanzlei Uwe J. Fischer is a Berlin-based law firm catering for anyone in need of conveyancing services in Germany.

As you may know, the German law and legal traditions differ vastly from the Anglo-saxon system. In Germany deeds may only be drawn up by and be signed before a “Notar”, not to be confused with the common law notary.

What is important to know is that the Notar holds a neutral position between the parties, which is the reason why most German consumers do not require a solicitor when buying or selling property. International clients not familiar with the German system frequently choose to employ a solicitor (“Rechtsanwalt”) to guide them through the process.

As Mr. Fischer is both a Notar and a solicitor we are able to offer you any service required in conveyancing. With 2 UK/US educated lawyers and 4 paralegals plus support staff we have helped several hundred anglo-saxon investors acquire and/or sell property in Germany, from a five-figure flat to a nine-figure portfolio.

Our expertise encompasses all preparatory measures for such transactions, including financing and company formation. Given the ups and downs of the property market we also have considerable experience in pre-insolvency and insolvency matters.

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