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Yav & Associates has given nearly 15 years of dedicated service to businesses, families, and individuals in Africa and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing a full range of legal counsel and representation to those living, working, and investing in the country.
Due to high demand and in terms of the South Africa Law, Yav associates decided to be incorporate in South Africa as a legal consultancy office with limited responsibility. “Yav & Associates Inc.” (Pty) Ltd.
With this form of incorporation, “Yav & Associates Inc.” (Pty) Ltd. is able to achieve our missions which is as follows:

I. Advise and draft legal opinion in the following Investments fields:
- Mining;
- Intellectual Property;
- Agriculture;
- Petrol and Gas;
- Retails;
- Construction and Infrastructures projects;
- OHADA Uniforms Acts;[business and security laws]

II. Assist and represent South African or other client in all Congolese litigation matters;

III. Assist, represent, advise and protect Congolese investors interests in South Africa;
IV. Assisting Congolese or South African investors whatever the case may be in assessing business risks opportunities by way of proper and objective due diligence which will be follow by objective recommendations.

Fax Number:

+243 (817) 613662

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