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De Comarmond & Koenig dates back to 1828, when Mr. Eugène Leclézio began practising as an attorney in Port Louis, in the law office known at the time as “Etude Leclézio”. Mr. Leclézio’s clientele was to expand steadily with time when in 1870, he took over the practice of Mr. Henry Koenig, an attorney of the highest standing, the Etude rose to the forefront of reputed law offices of the country. Mr. Leclézio was followed in turn by Sir Henry, Sir Jules, Mr. Fernand and Mr. Claude Leclézio. In 1967, Mr. Guy de Comarmond, M.B.E. and Mr. Vincent Koenig took over the Etude and renamed it De Comarmond & Koenig.

The firm is thus the oldest firm of attorneys in Mauritius. It sill has one of the largest practice in the country. As its predecessors had in the past, it traditionally acts for the major local companies engaged in the banking, insurance, textile, commerce, shipping, intellectual property, corporate law, finance, project finance, cross-border investment, aircraft leasing, arbitration, environment, taxation, building but deals in addition with a wide variety of legal work entrusted to it by both local and overseas clients.

The intellectual property and/or trade mark registration as well as regional legal work are dealt with under the name of “De Comarmond Koenig (International)”and the international and workin the Financial Service Center is carried out under the name “Maigrot Koenig”.

DE COMARMOND KOENIG (INTERNATIONAL) was incorporated in 1999 and is the holder of a Global Business Category 1 Licence.

MAIGROT KOENIG, which is an association of the oldest firms of Attorneys-at-Law and Notaries Public in Mauritius, is the first law firm in the country to have obtained an Offshore Certificate for international legal services. MAIGROT KOENIG includes De Comarmond & Koenig (Attorneys-at-Law) and Etude Bernard d’Hotman de Villiers (Notary Public) which dates back to last century. MAIGROT KOENIG is of assistance to clients in virtually every aspect of Mauritian law, more particularly in the areas of the Financial Service Center including the setting up of sophisticated investment funds and company structures and protected cell companies, aircraft and ship registration and other project financing.

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