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Law firm Ficek & Ficekova enjoys a reputation as one of Slovak´s most respected national family law firms.
We are consistent in demonstrating ability to provide practical, creative and cost-effective advice, combined with an unyielding service commitment to our clients.

Milan Ficek as leading attorney at law offers complete range of advocacy and personal legal services to individuals in family matters. He is the expert-to-go in litigations and arbitrations.
„Family law is our passion, so we try to be the best in this field in Slovakia.“ says Milan.
The most common fields in family law we deal with are divorce, alimony, paternity, child custody, visitation and support (and also adoption, collaborative law, domestic violence, elder law, juvenile law, pre-nuptial agreement).

Dr. Ficeková (Milan´s wife) is expert in civil law (especially inheritance law, contract law, employment law).
Our law firm has partners in 8 countries (Czech republic, Austria, Italy, including United States and others). We are the members of AEA and ILO. You could see, hear or read our legal statements at least hudread times per year in national slovak televison (RTVS, Markiza, JOJ) or biggest newspapers in Slovakia (SME, HN Noviny, Pravda and others) where are published our legal statements.

From our work:
We helped our client to get his child back to his country, helped reestablish broken contact with 5 year´s old son of client´s of ours, even change the child custody and many others.

„When you know the law, you know your rights. Litigation expert in serious cases is more than necessary.“ You will not leave it to chance with Dr. Ficek on your side.
Milan Ficek lectures at many conferences or legal meetings and works with family law since 2006. He published many articles in family law field.

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