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Newmark Advocates is located in Kampala, Uganda. As corporate advocates, solicitors, and legal consultants, the lawyers are at the forefront of legal issues. They have expertise in a broad range of legal matters including government and regulatory law, real estate development, land use, business counsel, employment law, and general litigation cases.
The lawyers at Newmark Advocates will help you with commercial transactions and a variety of other legal matters. They understand the theory and application of the law and have successfully managed a variety of issues over the years. They will effectively resolve any disputes using their expertise in the law. The lawyers have experience with both local and international markets.
They have gained extensive knowledge from experience in and out of the courtroom including quasi-judicial bodies. You can expect personal service for your legal needs. They will take full account of your legal issues and create a solid defense that will give you all possibility of a favorable outcome. From arbitration to litigation, the lawyers will assist you with all of your legal needs. We also have a pool of Notary Public and Commissioners, and a network of Consultants in the areas of Aviation, Construction consultants, Arbitrators, and Mediators. Newmark Advocates helps in project finance as well.

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